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Bulbul Ha-Kabulbul, Episode 2: The Flashlight And The Bell

4 Minutes, 1976
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Directed by: Yuval Peleg
Production:Shmuel Altman
Production Company:Israeli Film Service
Photographer: Yachin Hirsh
Subtitles not available

An episode from the childrens TV show Bulbul HaKabulbul deals with road safety. The protagonist of the series, Shmulik, is very confused. and therefore got the nickname Bulbul (confused in Hebrew is MEVULBAL).In each episode, a storyteller tells a group of children about Bulbuls strange and funny behaviors, but what could be amusing in the kitchen or classroom might be very dangerous on the road and so we learn the road safety rules.
In this episode, after Bulbul jumps onto the road and almost gets hit by a car his father installs an alarm bell on his neck and a hazard flashlight on his hat, which will operate whenever he puts himself at risk. Bulbul is about to cross the road without looking, the bell and flashlight are turned on, he stops and crosses according to safety rules.

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