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Zero One To Avi!, Episode 3: Flowers

11 Minutes, 1974
TV Series
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Directed by: Zvi Gera
Production:Shmuel Altman
Production Company:Israeli Film Service
Photographer: Yehiel Neeman
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

An episode of the childrens series One Zero to Avi, which was produced in the 1970s by the Ministry of Transport in collaboration with the National Council for the Prevention of Accidents. The series is based on the tradition of childrens companies, such as Hasamba or The Famous Five. The group at the center of the current series is working to increase road safety and prevent accidents. The group is led by the bespectacled Avi, who owns a talking parrot. Avi and his friends, all elementary school students, communicate with each other on walkietalkies which is the source for the series name.
In this episode, Eitan sees in his binoculars a courier boy from a flower shop, whose bicycles are loaded dangerously with a lot of flowers. He calls Avi who follows the boy and tells him he is riding illegally. The boy explains that he has no choice, if he refuses his boss demand he will be fired. Avi and the gang organize a demonstration in front of the flower shop. The demonstration hurts business and The store owner agrees to act in accordance with the law. but how will he be able to deliver the flowers on time this way? Avi and the gang come for help, each of them carries a small part of the big flower delivery on their bikes.

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