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Through Our Eyes - Dani Mehari, Musician

7 Minutes, 2001
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Directed by: Unknown
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Language: Amharic
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“Through Our Eyes,” aired in 2001, is a TV documentary series of short episodes focusing on Ethiopian born creators in Israel. It was produced by the Israel Film Service and presented by Tibebe Solomon.
This episode focuses on Dani Mehari, a musician. Dani Mehari is one of the well-known musicians and a Krar player in the Tigrian tradition [named after the Tigrians who live in the Tigrai region in northern Ethiopia and central Eritrea]. Karar is a five-stringed instrument originating in Ethiopia and Eritrea that tunes to a pentatonic scale. In Ethiopia, it was intended to evoke emotion for the beauty of love and passion. Today, the karar is one of the world’s most popular Ethiopian musical instruments. In this episode, Mehari shares his love for Tigrigna music, talks of the first Karar he built himself, and discusses his efforts to raise awareness of the Tigrigna tradition. He demonstrates playing and singing and cites famous contemporary Ethiopian and Eritrean musicians who excel in the Tigrigna style, among them Syum Seged.

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