The Israel Film Service Collection

Gas Mask and Protective Kits Tutorial

7 Minutes, 1998
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Directed by: Unknown
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Language: Hebrew
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An IDF Home Front Command informational video, produced by The Israeli Film Service.
During the Gulf War, the Israeli home front became the actual front for the first time, and Iraqi missiles fell on Israeli soil. This period was particularly traumatic, and many residents felt fear and anxiety. To provide protection and reassurance, personal protective kits against chemical attacks that occur were distributed to all citizens, from the end of 1990 until 2014.
The video serves as a tutorial and introduction to the viewers, explaining the different types of protection kits available in a pleasant, calm, and reassuring manner.
It features a patient soldier who speaks, while an actress demonstrates how to use the baby protection kit, a children’s and teenagers’ hood, and a gas mask for adults. The video also covers how to maintain the kits, when and how to use an atropine syringe, and what to do in case of an accidental injection.


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