The Israel Film Service Collection

Where You Go I Will Go

47 Minutes, 1999
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Directed by: Tovi Arbel
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Photographer: Ori Ackerman, Ronni Calderon, Noam Taich
Languages: Hebrew, Russian
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A documentary produced for “Reshet” by the Israel Film Service.
In a Jewish state, converting to Judaism has not only spiritual implications but also bureaucratic advantages. For Sasha Rapoport, for instance, conversion allows her to marry her partner Michael in Israel rather than abroad. However, she states that her conversion was primarily to feel a part of Israeli society, not solely for the wedding. Sasha isn’t alone; this film highlights a long line of immigrants who converted, expressing their desire to integrate into Israeli society as one of the main reasons for adopting Judaism. Yet, beyond this common thread, each immigrant has a unique story that brought them to this land.
This documentary brings the voices of immigrants from various countries, who arrived in Israel for diverse reasons and chose to convert. Alongside Sasha and Michael, participants in the film include Avishalom and Irina Vaykut, Fran Levy, Michael Nitzan, Michal and Misha Shedlovich, Helena Medvedovsky, and the Hebrew teachers David Iluz and Ira Deshevsky.

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