The Sherman Grinberg Film Library: Israel & Palestine Footage

Paramount Newsreel, 17 February, 1949: Chaim Weizmann Sworn in as Israels First President, Followed by First Session of the Knesset of Israel

2 Minutes, 1949
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Directed by: Unknown
Production Company:Paramount
Subtitles not available

The inauguration of Chaim Weizmann as the first President of the State of Israel. President Weizmann and his wife Vera Weizmann arrive at the National Institutions Building in Jerusalem for his swearing-in ceremony. The ceremony is held by Knesset Speaker Yosef Sprinzak, in the presence of Knesset Members and ministers, as well as the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel, and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog. A large crowd cheers in the streets. Afterwards is depicted the first session of the Knesset of Israel which convenes at the National Institutions Building in Jerusalem. A large crowd gathers outside the building, while Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion arrives at the building, as well as elected Knesset Members like Shmuel Mikunis and Meir Vilner. Afterwards, the opening session of the first Knesset is seen, where Knesset Speaker Yosef Sprinzak holds the meeting alongside Speakers Deputy, Yosef Burg. Various Knesset Members and ministers are seen in the meeting, like Haim-Moshe Shapira, Pinchas Rosen, Golda Meir and others.

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