Paramount Newsreel, 1 February, 1947: Funeral in cemetery in Ramla, Palestine (later Israel) for British policemen killed by Jewish insurgents

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In cemetery at Ramla, British policemen carrying coffin draped in British flag ; policemen putting coffins down next to gravesite ; mourners and policemen standing around coffin ; mourners standing around watching as policemen remove flag draped over coffin ; officer saluting grave, then walking away ; officers placing wreaths on grave ; policeman carrying cross through cemetery followed by policemen carrying wreath followed by Anglican priest followed by policemen carrying coffin ; wider shot of policemen carrying coffin followed by mourners and policemen ; policemen carrying coffin followed by policemen carrying wreaths ; policemen carrying coffin up to gravesite ; policemen setting coffin down next to grave ; wide overhead shot of policemen and mourners at gravesite ; three shots of policemen firing salutes ; policeman blowing bugle ; WS policemen and mourners at gravesite ; Note: exact day not known.

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