Front Window

33 Minutes and 19 seconds , 1990
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Directed by: Aner Preminger
Cast: Israel Guryon, Avi Keidar (Aboutboul), Shoshi Marciano, Alon Abutbul, Gabi Shoshan

An ode to filmmaking. A still photographer’s car breaks down en route to his wedding. Before him, a bride waits on a balcony – in her wedding gown. The photographer observes reality through his windscreen as it becomes interwoven with the world of film in his imagination, through a series of references, nods, and quotes from various other films: he has a vision of Charlie Chaplin and sees two men carrying a wardrobe, just like in Roman Polanski’s student short when all the while, a giant billboard poster advertising Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window hangs just behind him.

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