78 Minutes, 2005
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Directed by: Ilan Yagoda
Production:Ilan Yagoda
Photographer: Dani Barnea
Language: Hebrew
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Filmmaker Ilan Yagoda’s documentary opens with the following caption: “The hospice takes in patients who are beyond medical intervention, who seek respite from their suffering, and to improve their quality of life in their final hours. The inhouse team ceases all medical interventions which, at this point, have become redundant, and instead focuses on the easing of physical and mental anguish, and preparing the patient for their impending death. A patient’s average stay in hospice care is 14.6 days.”
Yagoda and his camera paint a unique, intimate, and sad portrait of six terminally ill patients who decided to end their lives in hospice care. Six families spending the next two weeks saying their goodbyes to their loved ones and waiting for death that is ever-present on the ward – and six patients saying their own goodbyes to life and their memories, whilst speaking candidly about fear, pain, suffering, longing, guilt, and love.
The film won Best Editing at the Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival and was featured at multiple festivals around the world.

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