Jerusalem 24/4/74

42 Minutes, 1974
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Directed by: Asher Tlalim
Cast: Miri Tlalim, Igal Havilio, Shosh Israeli, Danielle Tondowski, Michel Tondowski
Photographer: Asi Rusak
Language: Hebrew
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The line between documentary and narrative filmmaking is blurred in this film by director, Asher Tlalim. In the aftermath of Israel’s devastating and deeply traumatic 1973 Yom Kippur War, Tlalim shines a light on post-war Israeli reality through the story of a widow, portrayed by the director’s then-wife, Miri Tlalim, who is carrying the child of her partner who had died in combat. The widow’s storyline intertwines with that of the camera crew shadowing her and led by director, Asher Tlalim. Interwoven with both storylines is a range of archival footage which captures and highlights Israeli reality along the paper-thin fault line between the famously back-to-back Israeli Memorial and Independence Day.

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