82 Minutes, 2009
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Directed by: Gili Meisler
Photographer: Roi Rot, Idan Glikzelig
Language: Hebrew
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Director Gili Meisler’s feature is a travel film traversing the space between Israel and the Far East, and time – chiefly, the timelapse between the 1973 Yom Kippur War and the 2005 shooting of the film, over three decades later. Giora Meisler, the older brother of the film’s protagonist and director – Gili, vanished on the second day of the war. The film chronicles the three excursions undertaken in search of the missing brother: the first, launched by the family in the immediate days and months after Giora’s mysterious disappearance; then, Gili’s own inward excursion in the Far East after completing his military service, where he began to grow closer to his late brother; and lastly, through the making of the film.
Meisler shares his own personal story and the story of Israeli grief through archival footage and interviews with friends, family, military commanders, and author A.B. Yehoshua whose bestselling classic, The Lover, starts with a reference to Giora’s disappearance. “Who’s to say to them that their Giora, Giora Jr., isn’t somewhere out there at the same time, his hair grown out, in lightweight clothes, on a faraway beach, at the port of some distant land, setting his eyes on the open vistas, and sipping a soft drink.” The film was shown at the Jerusalem Film Festival and at multiple international festivals.

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