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Under Western Eyes

95 Minutes, 1996
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Directed by: Joseph Pitchhadze
Cast: Giora Esaulov, Eyal Shechter , Liat Glick, Schachar Katzav
Production:Joseph Pitchhadze, Dubi Baruch
Photographer: Shay Goldman
Original Music: Berry Sakharof
Language: Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

A tragic-comic road movie which tells the story of Gary Razumov, a young architect living in Berlin in total detachment from his past, until sudden notification of his father’s death brings him back to Israel. Upon arrival, he discovers that he was tricked. His father, a former scientist who spent 20 years in jail on espionage charges, did not die, but rather he escaped from jail. Wolf, a violent and obsessive General Security Services agent and Carmi, his young assistant, make it clear to Gary that he will not be permitted to leave Israel until his father is found. Together with a young actress he meets in Tel Aviv, Gary is dragged into the search for his father while Wolf and Carmi follow in their tracks. In the course of the manhunt, which ends in the middle of the desert, Gary is forced to deal with his traumatic past for the first time.

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