93 Minutes, 1997
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Directed by: Yaki Yosha
Cast: Michal Zoharetz, Amos Lavi, Nathan Zahavi
Production:Dorit Yosha
Language: Hebrew
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Director Yaky Yosha’s Shabazy is based on the two-series drama, Night Fare, which he also directed. Like the TV programme, the film also opens with a rendition by singer-songwriter, Dani Litani, of Shmulik Kraus’s hit song, It Happens (‘ze kore’). Danny (Amos Lavi), a cabbie who lives in a one-bed flat in Tel Aviv’s Shabazi neighbourhood, decides to investigate the murder of an old army buddy who later got involved in drugs. But what initially seems like an open and shut case of just another small-time junky getting himself killed turns out to be a much bigger story involving powerful, major bodies.

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