• I’ve encountered an error or have an unanswered question. How can I contact you?

You can reach us at the following email address:

  • Do I have to pay to watch any of the films on the archive website?

In the Historical View section of the website, all film titles and archive materials are available for viewing, free of charge. In the Artistic View section, some of the titles are available for free whereas other premium content is available for instant viewing, subject to ordering, for a 72-hour period.  

  • Why do I have to pay to watch some of the films?

Whilst our aim is to make as many of the titles available, free of charge, there were some instances where rights’ owners would only make a film available for a fee – a condition we must abide by.

  • Are you in possession of all films ever made in Israel?

The Jerusalem Cinematheque’s Israeli Film Archive is home to nearly all films ever made in Israel. Available on the website are only the titles for which we have secured streaming rights – whether for free, or for a fee.

  • If I’ve failed to locate a particular film on the website, who do I contact?

We recommend you follow this link and browse our catalogue for your requested title. If you are then still unable to locate your desired title, then please contact us at

  • What languages does the archive’s online film catalogue support?

All film titles have both Hebrew and English listings in the catalogue. Unfortunately, as of right now Hebrew subtitles are unavailable. It is however something we are working on.

  • Are all archive materials available online?

No. the website only features about five percent of the archive’s sum total of assets. We are only able to upload and share those titles for which we have obtained the rights holders’ explicit permission. The site however is regularly updated, with a range of new titles constantly added to it. To browse the film catalogue.

  • I’ve encountered a problem during signup. What do I do?

You can contact us via the website, on the Customer Support page.

  • Is it possible to save a film for later viewing?

Yes. Registered users may keep a viewing log and add films for later viewing or ordering. Please note: when ordering a premium title, it must be watched within 72 hours of having placed the order.

  • How do I watch a film with English subtitles?

If the film comes with subtitles, those can be activated by clicking the ‘Subtitles’ button (small image) on the film’s viewing toolbar, on the righthand side. Unfortunately, for the majority of our films, English subtitles are currently unavailable. It is however something we are working on.

  • Does the website only offer film/video content?

Mostly, though not exclusively. The site also includes a range of additional information – individual actor and director profile pages, enriching and informative content, and lots more.

  • I would like to add a film to the archive. What do I do?

If you are in possession of video footage / materials which you believe would be of interest to the general public, e.g. film footage of important and interesting locations and/or events, then we would be happy to view it. To that end, please get in touch with the Head of the Archive, Mr. Meir Russo at   

  • I found some old 8mm/16mm film rolls at home. Is this something you might be interested in?

We may very well be interested. If the footage is of a historical nature, then we will at times also fund its digitising. We urge you to contact us at  

  • Is it possible to check out a physical copy of a film from the archive?

Film rentals to private parties is not a service we currently offer. If you are interested in watching one of our titles for research purposes and the film is not available online, then please do contact us. If you are acting on behalf of a cultural institution that is interested in organising a film screening for the general public – then we also urge you to contact us.

The Historical View

  • What type of content would I find in the Historical View section?

The Historical View section contains a host of historical archive materials that have been logged, tagged, catalogued, and split up into short segments which we have titled, Moments in Israel. Most Moments segments are taken from newsreel compilations produced in Israel between 1927-1968. Additionally, the section also contains some rare, early 20th century materials, as well as some truly unique home video footage.

  • What is a Moment in Israel?

The term, Moment in Israel may refer to a scene from a historical film, newsreel item, or excerpt from some home video in which life in Israel / Palestine is documented in moving images.

  • What is an anthology?

An anthology is a digital exhibition of sorts, featuring a collection of moments (i.e. archive footage) and specially-commissioned texts about a particular subject, written by scholars, historians, and cultural figures.

  • How do I search the Historical View section?

The Historical View search feature offers users a range of filtering options to narrow down your search. Whilst typing in the search box (two characters or more), the system will auto-suggest a selection of related tags. Clicking on one of the suggested tags will then activate the search filter. You can also choose any of the options from the lists of subjects and individuals that appear in each and every segment. Another option is to filter your film search by decade. Or simply start exploring the map, zoom in, pick any random point, and on the film strip to the left, see what footage / titles are available there.  

  • How do search results come up in the Historical View section?

On a home/laptop computer: all film titles matching your search criteria will show up on a list, on the left hand side. The map will indicate all the locations where the segments were shot (please note that sometimes, one film may appear in more than one location.)

On tablets and mobile devices: all film titles matching your search criteria will appear under the map (look for the arrow in the blue strip at the bottom of the map.)

  • How do I work the map?

Just as you would a Google map. You can move it about and navigate it by dragging, zooming in and out, etc. You can also click on a location, or several locations to focus on them. Every movement of the map will prompt an update of the list of film titles appearing on the left hand side, based on what is showing on the map at that exact moment.

  • How much content is available free of charge?

All content in the Historical View section is available at no cost and with no need to sign up. That being said, we do recommend that you sign up to the website, as registered users can save their favourite segments, rank them, post their reviews, etc.

  • Can I share content that is available on the film archive website?

Yes. Users may share films, Moments, and also anthologies by clicking the ‘Share’ button.

  • Can I download any of the films?

No. downloading films – whether partially or in full – is strictly prohibited and may constitute a copyright infringement and a violation of the site’s terms of use.

  • I’m looking for a particular film. How can I find it?

You can search by tags in the search history or alternatively, head over to the archive catalogue for a broader, more freestyle search.

  • I’ve recognised a family member or acquaintance in a film. How do I make sure they’ve been tagged or associated with the film?

If this is information which you believe would be of value to the general public, then please head to the Contact Us page and send us a message.

  • I’ve spotted a mistake in the catalogue. What do I do?

Please go to the Contact Us page on the website and send us a message. In your message, please point out the nature of the mistake you believe you have identified and the exact moment when it occurs. We will look into it and should we conclude that a mistake has in fact been made, then it will most certainly be corrected.

The Artistic View

  •  What is the Artistic View section and what type of content would I find there?

The Artistic View section is home to more than 200 Israeli narrative and documentary film titles, all previously unavailable anywhere else, and in excellent quality. Additionally, the section features a host of scene anthologies curated from a wide range of films handpicked by film industry and cultural figures, and individual profile pages dedicated to filmmakers and prominent actors who appear in the films available for streaming on the website.

  • How do I search for a specific film title?

Use the Artistic View section’s search engine which you can access by clicking ‘Search’ on any screen in the section.

  • How long is a film order valid for?

Once your order has been placed and paid for, the film will be available for streaming for the next 72 hours.

Cinematheque Online

  • What is Cinematheque Online?

In light of the current situation, there is no need to leave one’s own home. All cinematheque content has been specially adapted and customised for the website so that you may continue to access and experience it remotely. Amongst the available content are current cinematheque films, the film festival, courses, workshops, and much more.

Payment and Billing

  • Can I change my payment method on the website?

No. Please contact us via our Customer Support page and we will get back to you.

  • How do I cancel a film order?

You cannot. Once a film order has been placed, payment is collected, and you are sent an invoice. In special circumstances, you may contact us via our Customer Support page.

  • Can I view my invoice on the website?

Once an order has been placed, an invoice is sent to the email address you entered. If you have encountered an issue, then please let us know and report it via our Customer Support page.


  • I’ve entered my details on the website. Are my personal details and payment details secured?

Yes, they are. The website is secured in compliance with the strictest PCI DSS1 security standard.

  • Are my personal details saved on the website for any additional uses? Will they be shared with any third-party entities?

The details are stored in the payment system and nowhere else, so that you be able to place future orders without having to sign up again, every time. Your details are not saved by the Cinematheque, nor are they shared with any third parties.

Rights and Collaborations

  • Who do I contact if I would like to use archive materials on social media, or to collaborate with the archive?

You may share our archive materials on social media using the ‘Share’ button on the website. For any other form of collaboration, please contact us at

  • I would like to obtain the rights to use a segment I have watched. What do I do?

At the end of the description of each and every archive collection, you will find the names and contact details of the rights holders – when those are known to us.

  • Does the archive own the copyright to all the content it stores?

No. the archive does not own the copyright to all of its content. Making our content available on the archive’s website was done with the rights holders’ explicit, written consent.

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