The Jerusalem Reel Collection features around 30 short newsreels, shot both in black and white and technicolour, that were shown in cinemas between the late 1960s and early 1980s before the evening’s main feature film presentation. The reels chronicle all the comings and goings in Jerusalem at the time: the city’s planning and infrastructure boom, the education system, culture and arts scene, and a host of special events that took place during then-mayor, Teddy Kollek’s tenure. Watching them, half a century on, opens a rare window to yesteryear, and offers a precious glimpse of post-Six-Day-War Jerusalem when a huge development surge transformed this ancient city from top to toe.
The reels feature a host of familiar faces that are there to help make a range of “council-y” subjects relatable to the general public. Amongst them is an ode to the city’s parks and gardens by singer and actor, Yehoram Gaon; a PSA about council taxes starring actor, Ze’ev Revach, and lots more. The collection is made up of reels produced by Micha Shagrir and Dan Arazi’s production company, Castel, and by Idan Productions. Our special thanks go to Uzi Peled and Meir Katz who have made these truly unique reels accessible. This is a collection of huge historical significance than can be used as a valuable source of information for scholars, filmmakers, students, museums, various organisations, and so on. The Israeli Film Archive has been entrusted with the task of maintaining its scientific preservation and availability to the general public.

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