[Alexander Margulies Home Movies #1]

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Footage from a family trip or visit to New York City, sailing to The Statue of Liberty, Washington DC, The White House. Israel, 1949: Mount Carmel view of Haifa Bay, Old City of Acre, local Acre residents, bonfire night (Lag B’Omer) celebrations in Safed, secular and religious men and women, local vistas from the area, out and about at the beach, streets of Tel Aviv, family footage, children playing at home in the garden, May Day (1 May), parade along Allenby St., youths marching and waving red flags, Israeli flags, groups carrying various signs including Hapoel, Zionist-Socialist youths, Hapoel Jaffa, brief shot of Shlonsky, crowd gathering in the streets of Tel Aviv, David Ben-Gurion and other VIPs coming out of a building; a Rebbe’s (Admor) tomb in Tiberius, Old City of Be’er Sheva, kibbutz Be’erot Yitzhak