Moledet [146]: Adloyada, Purim in Tel Aviv, 1928

Purim Adloyada in Tel Aviv 1928

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Preparations for Purim Adloyada including flags hanging, children in costume at the kindergarten parade, the police orchestra playing in the background, then the children returning home on a bus. Baruch Agadati throws confetti of notes from a balcony to an enthusiastic crowd on the street. Children and adults celebrate Purim on the streets of Tel Aviv, members of the Maccabi movement dressed in white, various convoys of various groups and companies such as Liber and Mikve Israel are passing, a comic scene where members of the Broom Theater are hosted at a soccer game of Hapoel Tel Aviv and Rabbi Menachem Mendel serves as the honorary judge. Purim parade on Herzl Street, a figure in a Queen Esther costume, members of the Maccabi movement ride motorcycles and perform various stunts along Allenby Street.

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