Independence For A Day

50 Minutes and 3 seconds , 2003
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Directed by: Liviu Carmely

Filmmaker Liviu Carmely spends two days out and about in the streets of Tel Aviv on his moped: those two back-to-back days are Israel’s annual Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and terror victims, followed immediately by the country’s 53rd Independence Day celebrations. The end result is a bittersweet look at the country which, 28 years earlier, he had immigrated to from Romania. The film looks at the present day, the big city streets, a group of school pupils’ visit to the Independence Museum, and an Independence Day party at military radio station, Galei Tzahal’s studios. Intercut with the outdoor footage are a series of interviews with a host of figures who, for Carmely, represent the State of Israel’s many facets: former MP, Meir Vilner, who was one of the original signatories on the Israeli Declaration of Independence; filmmaker Judd Ne’eman; film critic and scholar, Nachman Ingber; Miriam Wissenstein, owner of Tel Aviv’s legendary photography shop, Ha’Tzalmania, and the widow of Rudi Wissenstein who documented the Declaration of Israeli Independence.

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