Drifting (Short version)

25 Minutes and 3 seconds , 1981
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Directed by: Amos Guttman
Cast: Zeev Shimshoni, Yossi Yablonka, Boaz Turgeman, Blanca Metzner, Elisheva Michaeli
Amos Guttman’s (Amazing Grace) graduation project from the Beit Zvi School for the Performing Arts’ Film Department follows a young man who lives with his girlfriend and who, at nights, goes out looking for casual sex with other men. Towards the end of the film that is based on Guttman’s own life story, the main protagonist comes to terms with his sexuality. About a year and a half after wrapping production, Guttman directed a feature-length film of the same title which he co-wrote with playwright, Edna Mazya.

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