The Amlash Enchanted Forest

1 hour and 16 Minutes and 27 seconds , 1974
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Directed by: Shlomo Suriano

An experimental, animated musical film that was made using stop motion technique. The film, inspired by Aesop’s Fables, features a cast of ceramic dolls that were discovered in the Amalesh region of Iran. Alon the deer, son of the forest king, sets off on a trip with his friends – Boris, the whimpering deer and Guri, the gluttonous sheep – to visit his uncles who live beyond the realms of the Enchanted Forest. En route, they have countless adventures: in search of the milkshake tree, crossing paths with the snake, and taking extra care to avoid running into the witch who’s been known to turn her subjects into birds. The film was shortlisted for the Berlin International Film Festival where it was later shown.

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