Life is LIfe

1 hour and 30 Minutes and 42 seconds , 2003
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Directed by: Michal Bat-Adam
Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Yael Abecassis, Rivka Michaeli, Moshe Mizrachi, Yigal Sadeh
An irony-tinged comedy about one’s addiction to desire, yearning for true love, and the creative process. Mackie, an author and university professor of literature has been having an affair with Ayala, a married young mother. Mackie’s days and nights are a never-ending mad dash between his outlandish characters and his own reality, as he desperately tries to come up those additional strokes of literary genius for his upcoming novel. He clings to Ayala as a muse, hoping and believing that his passion for her will be the thing that helps him see his book through. With time, the plot of the novel becomes intertwined with the film’s, as well as with Mackie’s and Ayala’s dreams.
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