Yair Lapid is the founder and leader of Israeli centrist opposition party, Yesh Atid (‘there is a future’) and a former Treasury Secretary. Prior to embarking on a political career, Lapid was an author, publisher, actor, playwright, lyricist, and TV presenter. Lapid spent his military service writing for IDF magazine, Bamahane (‘in the base camp’). After the army, he found work as a journalist in daily paper, Maariv and later, switched over to its competitor, Yedioth Ahronoth. Lapid has hosted a number of TV chat shows including past primetime favourite, Yair Lapid, which aired on Israel’s Channel Two between 2000-2007. From 2008, and right until his entry into politics, Lapid hosted the top-rated, current affairs weekend news programme, Ulpan Shishi (‘Friday studio’). In the years before, he starred in a number of films including Over the Ocean (Jacob Goldwasser, 1991), Kvalim (‘cable’, Tzvi Shissel, 1992), and The Song of the Siren (Eytan Fox, 1994). Lapid has also written numerous plays, song lyrics, and TV series including Ha-Hofesh Ha’Acharon (‘the last holiday’), Shevet Cohen (‘the Cohen clan’), and War Room.
Lapid is the son of late journalist and politician, Tommy (Joseph) Lapid. He is married to author, Lihi Lapid.


Song of the Siren

Directed by Eytan Fox, 1994
שירת הסירנה
Rental English subs.

90 min.


Over the Ocean

Directed by Yaakov (Yankul) Goldwasser, 1991
מעבר לים

91 min.

TV Series

One Heck of a Grandma, Episode 1: One Heck of a Grandma

Directed by Shmuel Imberman
בומבה של סבתא, פרק 1: בומבה של סבתא

9 min.

TV Series

One Heck of a Grandma, Episode 2: Toothache

Directed by Shmuel Imberman
בומבה של סבתא, פרק 2: כאב שיניים

10 min.

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