Weapons Of The Resistance

Oved Sadeh Recounts Operation Pirate

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An excerpt from Weapons of the Resistance, an episode of Israfilms LTDs documentary series Thanks to Those Times.
At the height of the War of Independence, Hagana had found out that a cargo of weapons is about to be shipped from Yugoslavia to the Arabs in Mandatory Palestine. After a complex operation, Haganah had succeeded to sink the cargo ship, named Lino. The cargo itself, however, was recovered by the Arabs and loaded onto a new ship, the Argiro. To intercept the Argiro, Haganah devised an even more daring plan: two of the organizations members, Oved Sadeh and David Ben Chorin, were to join the ships voyage to Palestine, disguised as Italian navy officers. In this interview, Sadeh recounts the successful operation.
(Director: Gad Ben Artzi; editor: Dani Shick; cinematographer: Miki Wolman; scriptwriter: Ada Ben Nahum)

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