Micha Shagrir Film Collection

Welcome to Jerusalem - President Sadat in Israel

50 Minutes, 1977
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Directed by: Micha Shagrir
Production:Igal Efrati, Ronit Mula , Dan Arazi, Micha Shagrir, Yakov Lifshin, Yehuda Schneidman
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Photographer: Samuel Berold, Daniel Shneur, Yoav Kosh, Yoav Ben David
Original Music: Haim Aroch, Amikam Rotman, Marshall Herskovitz, Erel Pardo
Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian
| Subtitles not available

The documentary Welcome to Jerusalem President Sadat in Israel, produced by the Israeli Film Service, covers the visit of Muhammad Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem as part of the peace talks with Egypt. On November 19, Egyptian President Sadat landed at Ben Gurion Airport, where he was received by the public and top officials in Israel with great sympathy for the reception that was broadcast around the world. The following day, Sadat came to visit and pray for the Feast of Sacrifice on the Temple Mount and from there he continued to visit the Yad Vashem Museum. At noon, Sadat arrived at the Knesset, where he delivered a speech in Arabic. After Sadats speech, Prime Minister Menachem Begin and opposition leader Shimon Peres gave speeches expressing the peoples will for peace. After the closing ceremony of the Knesset session, Sadat participated in the coalition and opposition meetings and heard words of congratulations and encouragement from the Knesset members. Sadats visit lasted about 44 hours, but was proof of goodwill and reached out to establish the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt.

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