The Israel Film Service Collection

What Happened to Moroccan Jewry?

44 Minutes, 1977
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Directed by: Alfred Steinhardt
Production:Ofra Bikel
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Photographer: Eitan Hadar, Emil Knebel
Languages: Hebrew, English, French
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

How a rich and glorious culture lost its status and value from the moment it arrived in Israel Moroccans in Israel are trying to answer this interesting question The film opens with the story of the singer Zohra Alafsia, who was revered in Morocco and died penniless in Ashkelon Educated young people from Morocco want to erase all ethnic markers, others tell about the difficulties of integration, starting with DDT spraying, the tents camps, racism, and more There are written testimonies about the treatment of immigrants as primitive and backward, while most of them came from a comfortable life and a rich community Among the interviewees Zehava Malul, Akiva Azoulai, Yigal Ben Nun, Victor Thier, Avraham Toledano, Maxim Peretz, and Dr Shimon Shtrit.


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