An Old Custom in Israel

לבוש חתונה מסורתי בקרב יהדות תימן

1 Minute, 1968
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Directed by: Natan Gross
Photographer: Haim Schreiber, Yachin Hirsh
Original Music: Haim Avish, , Eddy Halpern
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An excerpt from the film An Old Custom in Israel, produced by Natan Gross and based on a study by David Davidovich, presenting ancient family customs that were common among Jewish communities throughout the diaspora, some of which have been revived in Israel. This excerpt describes the traditional outfits of a bride and groom on the eve of a Jewish Yemenite wedding. The film shows a wedding of bride and groom of Yemenite origins in Israel, where the bridal couple doesnt wear the traditional outfit during the wedding, but wears the outfit only for wedding album photos.
(Screenplay and direction: Natan Gross, producer: Yitzhak Krimolovsky, photography: Haim Schreiber, Yachin Hirsch, editing: Tova Biran, music: Eddie Halpern, recording: Haim Avish, narration: Ruth Rapaport)


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