How Lovely Are Your Tents (Ma Tovu Ohalekha)

Destruction of Synagogues

3 Minutes, 1965
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Directed by: Natan Gross
Photographer: Haim Schreiber
Language: Music
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An excerpt from the film How Lovely Are Your Tents (Ma Tovu Ohalekha) produced by Nehora institute, depicts the destruction of synagogues in Germany, Italy, Poland, Jerusalem, and the Galilee by oppressors of the Jewish people. The synagogue is considered in Judaism as a place that symbolizes community life and a place of refuge and has thus become the main focus of attacks by those who want to harm Jews around the world.
(Screenplay and direction: Natan Gross, Photography: Haim Schreiber, Editing: Tova Birenbaum, Musical Consulting: Avigdor Herzog)


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