Geva Newsreel 474, 1970

צעדים למניעת התפרצות מגיפת הכולרה בישראל

1 Minute, 1970
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Directed by: Unknown
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The cholera epidemic is spreading in the Middle East and Israel. Preventive measures are being taken by the Health Ministry. Jordanian authorities prohibit passage from Jordan into the West Bank, and anyone wishing to enter Jordan from Israel and the West Bank is obliged to receive a cholera vaccine. At the Allenby bridge border checkpoint, a vaccination station has been set up, and Palestinians from the West Bank who want to enter Jordan receive vaccine. Another regulation of the Jordanian authorities prohibits the entry to Jordan of fruit and vegetable products from Israel and the West Bank. The first case of cholera death will be reported in Israel on September 2, 1970, when a 7-year-old Arab girl from East Jerusalem dies of the disease. During September, new cholera cases will be discovered in Israel almost on a daily basis. In mid-October 1970, Minister of Health Victor Shem-Tov will announce that the Cholera epidemic in Israel has been eliminated.


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