Carmel Herzeliyya Newsreel 552, 1969

Elections to the 7th Knesset

6 Minutes, 1969
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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Elections to the 7th Knesset. Polling station committees prepare for the elections. Leaders of Israel vote: President of Israel Zalman Shazar votes in Jerusalem, Former Speaker of the Knesset Kadish Luz votes in Degania B, Prime Minister Golda Meir votes in Jerusalem, Minister Menachem Begin votes in Tel Aviv, Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan votes in Tzahala, and Knesset Member Shmuel Tamir votes in Herzliya. Residents of East Jerusalem cast their votes, mostly to the municipal elections. IDF soldiers vote in outposts and hospitals. Arab citizens of Israel go to the polls. Citizens take advantage of the vacation day and head to the beach and the parks, while children of Kfar Ruppin stay in shelters due to bombings from Jordan. By evening, the last of the citizens cast their votes, and the poles close down. In the headquarters of parties, members wait for the results. The following day, the newspapers announce the results and Knesset Members in the headquarters of Gahal and Alignment express their happiness with them.

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