The Tzipori Affair

The Zippori Affair

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Directed by: Alfred Steinhardt
Photographer: Marko Yaacobi
Original Music: Frank Peleg
Language: Hebrew
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A comic film produced by the Prime Ministers Offices Minhal Hahasbara to promote the payment of income tax.
Shimshon Zippori (Zeev Berlinsky), who owes income tax, dreams of becoming the prime minister who will abolish the tax. His dream becomes a nightmare when all the public services in Israel stop operating due to the tax not being paid. Having understood the importance of income tax, Zippori heads to the bureau of the assessing officer (Alexander Gronovski) and settles his debt.
(Director: Alfred Steinhardt; soundtrack composer: Frank Peleg; actors: painter: Shlomo Yorani; scriptwriter: Haim Hefer; production company: Herzliya Studios LTD)

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