The Magic Door, Episode 2: Yoavi's Flying Schoolbag

The Magic Door: Yoavis Flying Schoolbag

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An episode of the classic childrens television show The Magic Door (Delet Haksamim), produced by the Israeli Film Service in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Education, and the National Council for the Prevention of Road Accidents, and aimed to educate children about road traffic safety. The plot centers around siblings Hagari and Yoav as they learn about road safety through various characters they encounter. Among the characters are the magician Yehoyakim Kook (played by Gideon Singer), the owner of the local pharmacy Dr. Guttman (Mordechai Ben Ze’ev), and his schlemiel assistant Hertzel (Gidi Gov). On the second episode, Yoav tries to convince his sister Hagar that Mr. Kook is a magician, but Hagar doubts her little brother. The children visit Mr. Kooks shop, and as they exit the door, they suddenly find themselves on an unfamiliar street corner, and cross the road not at a designated crosswalk. Magically the children find themselves again in Mr. Kooks shop, as he explains to the children how important it is to cross the road only at a crosswalk. Hagar is now convinced that Mr. Kook is indeed a magician (Director: Isaac Zepel Yeshurun, script: Avraham Heffner, producer: Shmuel Altman, cinematography: Yaakov Eisenman, editing: David Tour and Isaac Sehayek, soundtrack: Nurit Hirsh, singer: Chava Alberstein, cast: Gideon Singer, Mordechai Ben Zeev, Gidi Gov, David Beit-On, Shlomit Lehavi).

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