The Elhadad Family

סיפור עלייתו והשתלבותו בארץ של בבר אלחדד

4 Minutes, 1980
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Directed by: Micha Shagrir
Production:Igal Efrati, Micha Shagrir, Dan Arazi, David Schitz
Photographer: Ilan Rosenberg,
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An excerpt from the film The Elhadad Family which was produced by the film service, describes the story of Beber Elhadads immigration to Israel. The announcer Bnei Handel tells of Beber, the youngest son of the Elhadad family, who immigrated to Israel in 1965 and became a member of the pioneering Zionist youth movement Dror Lebonim. He first came to Kibbutz Tselim, where he lived for several years until he moved to Beer Sheva, where he joined the municipality as a senior accountant. Beber and his wife Boget like to host social gatherings of the movement in their home, attended by needy students, party activists, neighbors, friends, and just passers-by. Together with his movement member, Rafa Ben-Shoshan, they talk about the movements bylaws, which contain three main points: Zionism, socialism, and aid in the absorption of other Jews interested in immigrating to Israel from Morocco.
(Screenplay and direction: Micha Shagrir, Photography: Ilan Rosenberg, Moshe Schiff, Muhammad Scott (filming from Morocco), Recording: Shabtai Sarig, Producers: Roni Sher, David Schiff, Yigal Efrati, Dan Arazi, Editing: Helen Hanna, Research: Ariela Keinan, Announcer: Benny Handel)


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