Return to Zion

Sir Winston Churchills Visit to Palestine

3 Minutes, 1920
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Directed by: Yaackov Ben Dov
Language: Silent
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The British Colonial Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, on an official visit to Palestine. Various delegations of dignitaries of the Jewish community in the country, intellectuals, community leaders, and political and religious leaders accompany Churchill on his arrival at Mount Scopus for a solemn ceremony in honor of the visit. The ceremony takes place nearby the Maalot Theater, near the cornerstones of the Hebrew University. Rabbi Avraham Kook HaCohen and Rabbi Yaakov Meir greet Churchill. Nahum Sokolov speaks. Churchill speaks on the Balfour Declaration. High Commissioner Samuel and Colonial Minister Churchill are standing to greet guests arriving at the Commissioners Palace and Government at the Augusta Victoria compound in Jerusalem. Among the guests are church leaders, rabbis, religious leaders, and Abdullah I bin Hussein, King of Jordan.

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