Carmel Newsreel II-120, April 20, 1953

Independence Day 1953

10 Minutes, 1953
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Directed by: Nathan Axelrod
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Independence Day celebrations of 1953. The symbol of the Israeli state is lit under the number five with a sign of Petah Tikva municipality in the background. Memorial Day is commemorated with an inauguration of the Yad Labanim Memorial Hall dedicated to local fallen IDF soldiers. Bereaved families listen to speaker Mayor Pinchas Rashish. General Zionist Union members make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem via train. Participants sing and clap inside the train, observing the view from a window. A large group of visitors marching up to Mount Herzl. Youths hold flags on the visit to Theodor Herzls grave, marching and lay flower bouquets in the military graveyard. Commerce Minister and General Zionist Union member Peretz Bernstein speaks to the audience. On Independence Day eve youths march with torches in the dark, as onlookers watch. During holiday morning youths march with flags. Procession of kindergarten children from poor neighborhoods and immigrant transit camps, initiated by the Working Mothers Union of Tel Aviv. The children board a train for the first time. A girl observes the view from the train. The children are received and embraced by Nahal soldiers. Main celebrations in Haifa. Flag decorations around the city. A decorated honorary gate at Bat Galim and an audience awaiting the military parade. Soldiers and audience members stand to salute the parade as it enters. David Ben Gurion stands and observes alongside Yigal Yadin and Yosef Shprinzak on a small stage. Military jeeps representing various army sections drive by, followed by a march of infantry and navy soldiers. Military nurses and female soldiers marching. An aerial display of fighter planes. Fighter ship at sea. Thousands of spectators gathered in the streets and on terraces and rooftops. A parade of military vehicles, heavy artillery and tanks. Youths folk dancing in the parks of Ramat Gan. A costumed dance performance. A traditional folk dance performance.

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