The Israel Film Service Collection

Toto the Auto: Mr. Pigeon Saves the Day

4 Minutes, 1973
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Directed by: Unknown
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

An episode of the animated childrens series Toto the Auto, produced by the Ministry of Transportation (Israeli Film Service) in collaboration with the Council for the Prevention of Road Accidents. Toto the Auto is a talking car. During each episode, Toto helps his friends to be mindful on the roads and preserve the road safety rules. In this episode, Toto meets his friend Mr. Pigeon who has returned from a trip to Mexico. Toto drives Mr. Pigeon, who then flies to a nearby tree. He informs Toto that further down the road are children who are walking on the side of the road in a dangerous manner. Toto and Mr. Pigeon guide the children how to walk in a safer manner, just as another group of children on the other side of the road walks according to the rules. When Toto asks why the first group doesnt know the safety rules, they explain that they came from the city and they have not yet learned the safety rules in the countryside. The children of the village volunteer to teach the city children the safety rules.


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