"The Shiva [Jewish mourning period] scene in "The Hit

Assi Dayan
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As far as I’m concerned, this scene is the crystallised epitome of my father’s finetuned ability to play with the Hebrew language as only a few (e.g. Meir Ariel, Hanoch Levin, David Avidan) in Israeli culture have ever been able to. This hysterically funny scene is peppered with so many achingly brilliant turns of phrases (from “the day before yesterday was only yesterday and tomorrow’s already the day after”, to “Nablus and Gomorrah”, “a terrible tragedy; national tragedy,” and “must life go on” to name but a few,), one cannot help but rule that this is by far and wide, one of Israeli film’s greatest linguistic and comedic triumphs. I have firsthand knowledge that my father too, considered this scene one of his screenwriting peaks and to this day, I have this memory of him quoting dialogue from that scene and cracking up, etched into my mind.

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