The death scene in Mr. Baum. The scene where Mr. Baum is lying in bed after he had already passed away, and the camera scours his body – from his feet all the way to his face – and he is seen wearing a pair of orange shorts and a matching t-shirt.

Assi Dayan
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I should disclaim that we’re about to enter obscure, micro-trivia territory here but personally, as far as I’m concerned, this scene is massively important seeing as how Mickey Baum’s choice of loud orange deathbed colours contains a hidden tribute to Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv FC – the football team I support whose uniform is famously orange. I remember how seconds before shooting the scene, my dad called me over and told me that in case I hadn’t noticed, the matching orange outfit Mr. Baum is wearing just before his death is a special nod to me. And right afterwards he said to me, a smile on his face, “orange on the rise!” [the team’s motto – EE], and the next moment you could already hear the Floor Manager’s voice bellowing, “quiet on the set!”, followed by the Soundman’s “Speed Rolling,” and the announcement, “Action.”

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