Drifting (feature-length) – Independence Park

Amos Guttman
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In the days before the Internet and online dating apps exploded into our lives, Tel Aviv’s Independence Park, stretching out west of Hayarkon St. and nestled between Atarim Square and Nordau Blvd., was famously the prime mingling, cruising, and cottaging location for the city’s local gay community. In Drifting, Guttman set three scenes in this bewitching, unruly, primal and controversial location, which could easily also have been a terrifying, violent place. The first of these three scenes is also the most memorable – Robbie goes to the park one night with a married, good friend (Ami Traub), in search of some casual sex. Guttman portrayal of the pair’s exploits through the park is poetic and erotic, but also very explicit; and staying true to form, even the most graphic scenes are tinged with his trademark, Guttmanian humour. For instance, when punk-rocker Effie (Boaz Turgeman), mockingly bursts into song in his nasal voice mid-cruising, singing, “Oh, ye lovely Israel; so lush ye, Land of Israel.” As it were, there is perhaps no greater contrast to songwriter, Dudu Barak’s vision of the “lush and lovely Land of Israel,” which he described in his song, than the setting of Independence Park.