Up the Wrong Tree

Gur Bentwich
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Nits (Gal Toren) returns from a year-long stay in Australia straight to Tel Aviv after the social protests. He ran away from Tel Aviv to deal with himself, his ex-girlfriend, and face the city – which is undergoing swift changes threatening to intensify very quickly. Up the Wrong Tree presents the struggle against the transformation of a green space into a parking lot. An ironical conflict – financial and architectural that blends with the narrative conflict of the characters themselves. How can Tel Aviv be saved from the forces threatening to turn the city into TLV? Moreover, how do we take care of ourselves, our relationships, our pasts, our identities? The city is changing, and love is vagrant. Love is dynamic, it rises, it falls. Tel Aviv is a living and breathing organism. Capitalism rules over both. This is a complicated web of needs, interests, intuitions, and ideals. The city wants to maximize itself, while the couple observes each other and suddenly asks: Did we just get a good deal? Commercial real estate meets emotional and romantic real estate. What are we going to do so that we don’t get turned into a parking lot?

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