Planet Blue

Gur Bentwich
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To paraphrase Chekhov’s famous words, a central station that appears in the first act must open the third act. Mulli arrives at the architectural wonder of the 90s. An intimidating building turned into a horrible monster. Not yet visible are the abandonment, filth, refugees, and junkies, scattered amongst the occasional travelers. The escalators go up and down. Neon lights gleam from the ceiling. It looks like a completely futuristic scene. Everything is brand new. The sloping walls look like spaceships. The fluorescent green EXIT sign appears on the right. And more signs. יציאה, EXIT, יציאה,, EXIT. “My bus line leads to Planet Blue, because my whole existence is over there,” Mulli says to himself. In the next scene, he’s dirty and has already gotten stubbles. Maybe the bus to Planet Blue will never arrive. To quote Dr. Seuss, “All that waiting and staying.” In the meantime, we’re stuck in purgatory, neither heaven nor hell, a temporary situation between EXIT and EXIT. Central Station.

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