How I Learned to Overcome my Fear and Love Arik Sharon

Avi Mograbi
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In the closing scene of How I Learned to Overcome my Fear and Love Arik Sharon, following his unsuccessful pursuit of late Prime Minister across the length and breadth of the country, during which Mograbi never got to have a proper sit down with the man and find out what had been weighing on him for decades, and yet somehow still managed to warm to him over time – the director shows up at floundering election rally in Bat Yam, just outside Tel Aviv. A musical group performing at the rally compares Benajamin Netanyahu to the sun with the chant, “Let Bibi rise!” At a certain point, Mograbi joins in on the dancing and singing. He sings the song with the band’s frontman as if it were a duet, and as though he had literally just realised that the gap between all the rightwing activists there and himself is merely an illusion – and is effectively nonexistent, seeing as how Netanyahu’s rise to victory, at this point, is but a foregone conclusion – and faced with the futility of it all, you might as well go ahead and burst into song.

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