Week 23

58 Minutes, 2016
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Directed by: Ohad Milstein
Production:Ohad Milstein
Photographer: Ohad Milstein
Original Music: Ishai Adar
Language: Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

Documentary filmmaker, Ohad Milstein turns the camera inwards for the first time, taking it into his own home. His partner, Rachel, the daughter of a Swiss Bishop gets pregnant with identical twins. However, at the 23-week mark of her pregnancy, it becomes apparent that one of the foetuses has died. According to the doctors, in those rare instances when the surviving foetus does not also die immediately after its sibling then there is an almost absolute certainty that they will have sustained extensive brain damage and will suffer from severe disability. The doctors unanimously recommend that the pregnancy be terminated. With only faith and a mother’s intuition on her side, Rachel decides to ignore everyone’s advice and fight for the surviving foetus’ right to survive and be born – however “perfect” or “compromised” they may be.

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