What will they Say, Dudu?

17 Minutes, 1983
Student Film
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Directed by: Ilan Yagoda
Production Company:Beit Zvi
Language: Hebrew
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Ilan Yagoda’s short which he made as his graduation project from the Beit Zvi School for the Performing Arts’s film department, is a documentary that follows the story of far-left activist Rami Livneh, who had been a member of numerous Israeli reactionary organisations such as Compass (‘matzpen’), Struggle (ma’avak), and the Revolutionary Socialist Movement. Livenh was handed a prison sentence for liaising with a foreign agent, a Palestinian student affiliated with Fatah. Yaguda spent a full weekend shadowing Livneh and his family, six years after his release from prison and the very next day following the fatal domestic terror attack at a ‘Peace Now’ Jerusalem demonstration where a grenade thrown into the crowd claimed the life of Emil Grünzweig. The [originally Hebrew-rhyming] title of the film is also the name of a children’s story Livenh wrote for his kids whilst behind bars, about a boy who always does as he’s told as opposed to what he really wants to do.

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