Women Make Shorts

Women Make Shorts
08/03/2021 10:00 - 14/03/2021 23:59


Dir.: Israela Shaer Meoded
Searching for her mother, Oshrit is terrified of what she might find. (5 min.)

ARTOPIA #Belfast
Dir.: Shachaf Dekel
Twenty years after the Good Friday Agreement that ended hostilities in Northern Ireland, an Israeli filmmaker meets with leading activist artists and curators in Belfast. The short film ARTOPIA #Belfast reveals the contribution of the cultural community in the cultivation of peace and equality in a divided society that is dealing with its historical conflict. (19 min.)

Dir.: Yael Nivron
Ever since they were children, Keren and Noam have been meeting at their grandparent’s home during their summer vacation. This particular summer, at an age that falls between childhood and young adulthood, while their grandparents are taking their afternoon nap, Keren and Noam play games in the attic (“Boydem” in Yiddish) that brings them into unchartered waters and introduces them to a new level of intimacy. (19 min.)

The Last Man
Dir.: Bar Elyakim, Maya Kessel
On the night between the dress rehearsal and the grand competition, young actress Tamar finally decides to demand recognition from the two dominant men in her life. (28 min.)

And Now Shut Your Eyes
Dir.: Tom Nesher
A young woman attends an art opening, desperately trying to fit in. She puts on audio-guide headphones and observes the exhibit. Suddenly, the narrator starts giving her wild instructions until she does the unspeakable. (12 min.)

Our Hearts Beat Like War
Dir.: Elinor Nechemya
With his eyes in a fantasy book and his ears to the horrific testimony of an Eritrean refugee, 9-year-old Sinai falls asleep at his mother’s workplace, and his mind drifts away. (15 min.)

Long Distance
Dir.: Or Sinai
Rachel is losing her sight to the point she can’t even manage doing the smallest daily functions. She opens her door to passing by strangers on a tiny but significant journey to reach out to her. (19 min.)

Niko Poe’sie
Dir.: Shira Farber
In the last year of his life, battling old age, acclaimed actor Niko Nitai does not stop dreaming and creating unique experiences. (28 min.)

Sofa So Good
Dir.: Noa Ashrov
In the streets of New York, a young woman is relentlessly, stubbornly and desperately looking for a sofa. (12 min.)

Dir.: Moran Nakar
Jacob goes out, for the first time in his life, to a gay party, but discovers that his skin color prevents him from being accepted into the community. (7 min.)

When Autumn Leaves
Dir.: Iris Lia Sofer
A relationship is formed between Olive, A medical clown at Tel Hashomer hospital, And Talia, 13, a rebel teenager who is newly admitted to the Oncology department. She accompanies Talia from the first day of her hospitalization to her departure from the hospital. The girl’s main target is to Find a groom for the clown and that helps her to deal with her treatments. The bond is tightened between the clown and the girl and her family, and along with that, the doctor who is treating the girl who initially did not like that the clown is around, starts to look at the her in a different way. (20 min.)

Sour Strawberry
Dir.: Eti Tsicko
The pandemic caught me in between a miscarriage and my next pregnancy test. My daughter’s naïve use of my camera captures little intimate moments of pain and grace, uncertainty and expectation. (10 min.)

The Station
Dir.: Hava Levy Rozalsky
An orthodox woman packs her suitcase and leave her house and family. At deserted bus station, she meets three characters. Each one of them voices a different facet within the protagonist mind. From here on out, her soul will begin intimate journey that contrast her with her true desire. (9 min.)

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