Spain's Civil War – Trauma and Post-Trauma

Spain's Civil War – Trauma and Post-Trauma
18/04/2021 10:00 - 20/04/2021 10:00

Speaker (in Heb.): Gustav Meiseles | The City of No Limits (Spain/Argentina 2002) | Dir.: Antonio Hernandez | W.: Leonardo Sbargalia, Geraldine Chaplin | After an opening scene reminiscent of “Citizen Kane”, Max, an aging communist, wakes up in a Paris hospital bed with his three sons at his side. He sends his youngest son, Victor, who has just arrived from Argentina, on a quest to find a mysterious character from his past. The search will bring many skeletons out of the family closet. A well-scripted and excellently acted film that walks the line between thriller and melodrama, cold noir violence and warm Latin sentimentality. Winner of two Goya awards. (118 min., Span., Heb. subt.)

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