Licking the Raspberry

105 Minutes, 1992
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Directed by: Uri Barbash
Cast: Uri Banai, Aki Avni, Tom Yoel, Albert Iluz, Uri Gottlieb, Sassi Keshet
Production Company:Noah Films
Photographer: Yoav Kosh
Language: Hebrew
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A romantic musical drama by the Barbash brothers. The ongoing rivalry between Boaz (Uri Banai), a Tel Avivian teen from the wrong side of the tracks and Tamir (Aki Avni), a posh boy from a well-to-do family carries on well into their military service. They both dream of a singing career and show up to the auditions for the IDF’s military troupe. Tamir, who is the first one in and makes a great impression on the judging panel, makes it clear that he will only join the troupe if Boaz is kept out. The judging panel agree to his demand which leads to Boaz having a meltdown and ending up in military prison. Shelly (Tommy Yoel), Tamir’s girlfriend also gets in the band. She shows up at the prison to visit an incarcerated Boaz and the two are drawn to each other. After his release, Boaz is shipped off to a logistics unit where he starts his own underground group that perform his original songs, which finally puts him on the path to success.

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