Introducing Hannah Farkas-Himsley’s rare family film collection, featuring countless hours of footage from Israel, England, Russia, Canada, the US, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Scotland, Germany, South America, South Africa, and many more. The collection features milestone, historic moments that capture the zeitgeist of a nascent Israel such as water-rationing in 1948 Jerusalem, Caesarea pre-excavations (1963), and so forth. A host of politicians, scientists, and prominent professors show up in her films including David Ben Gurion, artist Miron Sima, Israel’s first Police Commissioner, Yehezkel Sahar (Saharoff), and others. This is a family film collection of great historical significance that will no doubt prove itself a crucial source of information for scholars, filmmakers, students, museums, various organisations, etc. The collection was shared by Leorah Kroyanker and Ruth Geva and is the property of the Farkas-Himsleys who have entrusted it in the hands of the Israeli Film Archive. The archive is in charge of its maintenance and management, scientific preservation, and accessibility to the general public.

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