A rare family collection shot by Alexander Margulies which chronicles the family’s visits to Israel/Palestine from the early thirties through to the late 1960s. The collection features rare footage of the Jewish community’s birth and development in the land, from the days of British Mandatory Palestine – including rare, colour footage of the Tower and Stockade communities, throughout the construction of Tel Aviv and Haifa ports, and all the way to ultra-rare images of the Western Wall just moments after the end of the Six-Day War, as well as other colour video footage of the period.
If it a family film collection of tremendous historical significance which stands out as an invaluable source of information for scholars, filmmakers, students, museums, various organisations, etc. The collection is the property of the Margulies family who have entrusted it with the Israeli Film Archive that is now in charge of its management, its scientific preservation, and accessibility to the general public.

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